So It Had Been Written

Despite being gifted with this domain and webspace back in 2007, the amount of activity on this network has been minimal at best. Plans always remained plans, and sometimes just thinking about how little I've done debilitated me into doing even less. It's an uphill struggle, but I've held on for 5 years this way, somehow.

2011 was supposed to be my big reboot year, and while I did succeed in moving onto my own server and getting things set up, visible productivity was scarce. I figure it's enough to say that I'm always trying to make a comeback, which may be now or may be later. All I know is I take comfort in knowing this space is here for me whenever I'm ready, and somehow that makes it all worth it.

Lingering Feelings

I threw around a bunch of different names for a domain when I became obsessed with having one, though mostly they were for the aesthetics and not the meaning. In hindsight, I'm not sure what this name meant to me then, but it sure seems poignant now.

Fukanzen (Japanese: 不完全): imperfect, incomplete

The Missing Peace Network was supposed to refer to my wishy-washy design habits, but it also coincidentally captures my interest in troubled characters, something that will hopefully make itself more evident as time goes on.

Don't You Recognize Me?

fukanzenNET 4.0, otherwise known as "Season's Tide", features the "always faithful" Guy Cecil from Namco's Tales of the Abyss. I wanted something more refreshing on the eyes and may have gone overboard with the color scheme to that end. Textures are from Lost and Taken and Sanami276, and the font is from DaFont. Guy was found at Creative Uncut. I designed in Photoshop CS5, coded in TextEdit, and tested most major browsers (let me know if it isn't compatible with yours.)

Past Layouts

Version 1: My Paradise Version 2: Rainbow Connection Version 3: A Voice in the Night

It's Van(essa)!

Long story short the girl running this joint is a university student with priority issues. Web design is just one of my many hobbies, or else I wouldn't have anything to shrine about. Besides the anime/manga/video game interests I'll mainly be entertaining here, I also enjoy superheroes, British television, and food. Lots of it.