Start With What You Can Do

Though substance is a bit lacking, there's still quite a few places to click through here at MPN. Sites are divided by activity level and listed in reverse chronology. The descriptions are more for my mental notes, but I hope they'll give you some insight as well.


Stained White
Stained White

Shrine • Kuchiki Byakuya
Finally, a full-fledged shrine to one of my favorite characters ever. It fills me with a lot of complicated feelings, seeing it completed, and I hope to bring it to an even higher level in the future.

Death Grip
Death Grip

Shrine • Greed
This one-pager was actually created of my own volition, because I was worried about losing my inspiration if I got too hung up on the logistics of a multi-page site. Considering the amount of content, I'm optimistic about a proper expansion.

You are Here
You are Here

Shrine • Takemoto Yuuta
This one-page shrine created for Amasssment's One Page, One Month Marathon 2011 is all I have to show for last year's attempted reboot. It needs a bit of TLC in the writing department, and the layout might benefit from some updating too.


Watanabe Shinichiro Fanlisting
Mash Up

Shrine + Fanlisting • Watanabe Shinichiro
Fanlisting part is all ready to go, but since I left my notes for the shrine at school, the writing part's still in the works.


The Arashidex
The Arashidex

Fansite • Arashi
The baby to end all babies. The sheer size of this site might actually make up for my lack of productivity in all other departments. I still look over it fondly, but I doubt it'll ever get properly updated again. Idol schedules are too much.

Espada Fanlisting
The Ten Swords

Fanlisting • Espada
After much consideration, I feel that I've moved to different pastures when it comes to this subject. I'll keep it out of troubles for now, but I don't expect it to go anywhere else.

Robert Downey Jr. x Jude Law Fanlisting
Get That Out of
My Face

Fanlisting • Robert Downey Jr. + Jude Law
I opened this back when the first Sherlock Holmes movie came out and it hasn't really progressed anywhere since activity-wise. I like the layout enough to leave it open, and somehow I'm pretty good about staying out of the Troubles list.